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j Achievements [0]

0/20 Unlocked Achievements

Unlock 20 achievements for the award.
Total 46 available achievements.

0/46 Unlocked Achievements

Unlock 20 achievements [✔]
You did it! And now collect cards and exchange them to Crédits.

  • Right here, right now Stay a 5 minutes on the page.
  • What's makes you stronger Stay a 10 minutes on the page.
  • Waiting someone? Stay a 30 minutes on the page.
  • Gone in 60 Minutes Stay a 1 hour on the page.
  • Visiting the Nectar Tower Stay a 6 hours on the page.
  • Delayed 2 minutes on Nectar.
  • Insider Hour on Nectar.
  • From dusk till dawn Day on Nectar.
  • It was easy Load 2 pages.
  • Give 10 camels Load 10 pages.
  • Alibaba Aur 40 Chor Load 40 pages.
  • 300 Spartans Load 300 pages.
  • Homeland will not forget you Load 500 pages.
  • 1000 and 1 Nights Load 1001 pages.
  • In the right place at the right time Do it.
  • Nectar j is for NECjAR.
  • The eleventh Unlock 10 achievements.
  • The twenty-first Unlock 20 achievements.
  • Cards Lover Collect 5 cards.
  • Oops Break Nectar.
  • XLABS Join the XLABS.
  • j Runner Leave by a link.
  • Hi, Anna! Use the console.
  • We're know what you did Don't touch anything!
  • While all sleeps Visit Nectar at night.
  • Here we go Read 4 comics.
  • Accelerated, accelerated too fast Read 8 comics.
  • Enough for your weight Read 16 comics.
  • Are you allergic? Read 32 comics.
  • Fucking Wizard Read 64 comics.
  • What are you doing with your life Read 128, bitch, comics.
  • First! Every story starts here.
  • Head Held High Noooo, bullshit.
  • Traveler Let's go, baby!
  • :) Today is my day.
  • The End Read final #25000000000 comic.
  • Kadzilla Experiment Finish the 'Kadzilla Experiment'.
  • I love portals Use portals 10 times.
  • I really, really love portals Use portals 50 times.
  • Ten is good Survive 10 times in fight with Protectors.
  • Now we're talking Survive 50 times in fight with Protectors.
  • Gonna be rich! Find 10 diamonds.
  • Mmmmua! Kissed by Cara Delevingne.
  • Brunette Find Adriana Lima.
  • Blonde Find Jessica Stam.
  • Redhead Find Bridget Regan.
  • Lion... Monkey... Lionkey! Collect Lion and Monkey set.
  • Here you are! Collect Catae set.
  • Gratuity Do not use ad blocking.
  • Options Open Graphic Settings.
  • Codename: Anja You find a secret!
  • Codename: Skyja You find a secret!
  • Codename: Aija You find a secret!
  • Codename: Alla You find a secret!
  • Codename: Anna You find a secret!

j Cards [0]

0/5 Collected Cards

Collect 5 cards to unlock Nude mode for Anna.
Total 28 available cards.

0/28 Collected Cards

Collect 5 cards [✔]
Now available option for Anna в Graphic Options.

  • Great Eight
  • Arntaj
  • ANNA
  • ANNA
    Nectar City.
  • ECHO - Box
    What in the box?
  • Atalanta
  • Westworld
    Cat Ае.
  • 1/2
  • 2/2
  • 1/2
  • 2/2
    Tree gun.
  • NECjX
  • V
    Is for Victoria. Subscribe here.
  • Stronger with Cara
  • Stronger with Adriana
  • HIVE
    5% discount on everything.
  • Nectar
  • Kadae
    The Darkness.
  • HHH
    Head Held High
  • GR8
    Few first chapters now available for free now.

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