Sci-Fi First-person shooter

ECHO Series is a Science fiction First-person shooter game with a lot of violence, flying cars, guns and tones of adult content, starring Victoria Garcia-Bernal. In Development

Created by the man behind the NECjAR.

Game will be released on Windows.
Game will be released on Xbox, maybe.
Adult content: violence, drugs and adult content.

Latest video

Early alpha, Work in progress

Status: Early alpha

Echo game have a Devlog on YouTube, where you can see the progress of developing and the NECjAR chat where you can discuss it. Also there is wallpapers exits.

Airat Asadullin
Official Telegram channel
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    One universe

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    2020 | 18+ | In Development | Game
    • Languages
    • English, Русский
    • Platforms
    • Windows
    • Genre
    • Sci-Fi, Cyberpunk, Drama, Tragedy, Horror, Suspense
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