Sci-Fi First-person shooter

E.C.H.O. is an upcoming Sci-Fi First-person shooter game series debut developed and published by NECjAR. E.C.H.O. game promised to be smart, hardcore, with a lot of violence and tones of adult content. Early alpha.

Created by the man behind the NECjAR.

Latest screenshots

Work in progress

Status: Early alpha

The project does not use other people's assets, models, or any levels. Screenshots represent a very early build. No release date has been announced.

It is planned to create a lot of weapons, characters and a whole city of Nectar city.

Stay up to date

E.C.H.O. Series game have a Devlog-channel on YouTube, where you can see the progress of developing and the chat @HiveCafe where you can discuss it. Also there is wallpapers with Victoria Shulzhenok exists.

Airat Asadullin
Official Telegram channel
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Unfortunately, this character may not match the real one prototype and may not even get to the release due to a lack of inspiration, support, and acute shortage of references.

    More details

    2020.01.14 | 18+ | In Dev | Game
    • Starring
    • Victoria Shulzhenok
      Виктория Шульженок Виктория Гарсия-Берналь
    • Languages
    • English, Русский
    • Platforms
    • Windows
    • Genre
    • Sci-Fi, Cyberpunk, Drama, Tragedy, Horror, Suspense
    • Cast
    • If you want to become a character in the game, please contact us.
    • Tagline
    • "Everyone is connected."
    • Discuss
    • Join the chat @HiveCafe where you can discuss it.

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