Series of epic science fiction novels. Free preview of the first novel 'Cascade' is now available!

GR8 is a series of science-fiction novels written by the man behind the NECjAR.

2019.11.11 | 18+ | In Dev | Novel
  • Languages
  • Русский
  • Genre
  • Sci-Fi, Drama, Horror, Tragedy


The first part of the science fiction novels of GR8 series begins with the story of a crashed pilot in unknown sands with an assistant in the form of Artificial Intelligence — Anna. The big problem is — it's doesn't remember anything about this world, including her.

I trying to adapt my novels to the film version. I want to make a movie or an entire TV series about my worlds.


The book is expected in the near future, but a free short trial part is already available. We're open for cooperation offers, contact us.

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