E.C.H.O. is an upcoming action-adventure game series

E.C.H.O. game promised to be with a lot of violence and tones of adult content. Early alpha. See necjar.com/echo for more.

Graphic novels

ICS #10

ICS is a comics strip pack. See necjar.com/ics for more.

HHH: Traveler

HHH: Traveler is an satiric Sci-Fi graphic novel about Travis - time traveler and parallel universe jumper. See necjar.com/hhh/traveler for more.


HHH: Digger

HHH: Digger is a Fantasy graphic novel about Digger - black digger, with the paid subscription, available on Patreon or Boosty. See necjar.com/hhh/digger for more.



Mad Kad is an original fan-made Fallout novels. See necjar.com/madkad for more.

Artifical Neural Network Android

Artificial Intelligence, assistant, friend.
Anna is a primary project and primary character of GR8, HEAD HELD HIGH: Traveler and ECHO. See necjar.com/anna for more.

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NECjAR.COM is a project itself. It's a work of art. Nectar powered by NECjAR Engine 1.9.9 and have a lot of achievements. Unlock them.

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