• Like a ram at a new gate Stay a 5 minutes and do nothing on Nectar
  • Sheep in Las Vegas Stay a 10 minutes and do nothing on Nectar
  • Paralyzed Stay a 30 minutes and do nothing on Nectar
  • Sheep-Cyborg Stay a 1 hour and do nothing on Nectar
  • Sheep-Satan Stay a 6 hours and do nothing on Nectar
  • Snout on the asphalt Freeze! Put your hands up! Don't move 1 minute!
  • Delayed 2 minutes on Nectar
  • Guests don't leave home Hour on Nectar
  • From dusk till dawn Day on Nectar
  • 2 boot pair Load 2 pages on Nectar
  • Give 10 camels Load 10 pages on Nectar
  • Alibaba Aur 40 Chor Load 40 pages on Nectar
  • 300 Spartans Load 300 pages on Nectar
  • 500 days of summer Load 500 pages on Nectar
  • 1000 and 1 Nights Load 1001 pages on Nectar
  • Brunette Find Adriana Lima on Nectar
  • Blonde Find Jessica Stam on Nectar
  • Redhead Find Bridget Regan on Nectar
  • Nectar j is for NECjAR
  • Achievements Lover Unlock 10 achievements on Nectar
  • Achievements Maniac Unlock 20 achievements on Nectar
  • Cards Lover Collect 5 cards on Nectar
  • Oops Break Nectar
  • Беглец Попытаться сбежать с Нектара
  • Console Use the console on Nectar
  • While all sleeps Visit Nectar at night
  • Rally Walk 2 km on Nectar
  • Marathon Walk 500 meters on Nectar
  • Walk Walk 20 meters on the single Nectar page
  • First Rule with Kadae
  • First Rule with iddonSU
  • First Rule with GEKZ
  • Sorrow Comic with Sorrow
  • Sorrow Comic with Hoffman
  • Sorrow Comic with Woman in Red
  • Kahlan Amnell, Confessor
  • Kadae
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Always going against the trends

Without designers like Kadae we would never have new trends for the rest of the herd to copy. Which gets to the core of the problem with web design, it's all based on trends.
— Jeff Caldwell

One universe

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