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Welcome to the official NECjAR Store.
Here almost all NECjAR franchises and games including ANNA, ECHO, ICS, HEAD HELD HIGH, HHH: TRAVELER, HIVE, HIVE.café, HIVE ᴮᴬᴿ, GREAT EIGHT (GR8), XLABS and ADLEIAVDE.

NECjAR Store

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You can find all the gear, merchandise and souvenirs from NECjAR's biggest titles right here, including t-shirts, hoodies, jackets, caps, statues, Pop! Vinyl, plush toys, collectibles, gaming gear, notebooks, puzzles, mugs, pillows and home accessories.

If you want to buy something, but you can't and/or want to offer your store to host our brands, and/or found a bug, contact us.


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